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Meet Sandra

Take Your Power Back by learning and releasing The Power of Forgiveness.

It's truly Life Changing!

Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Certified life| Relationship| Business Coach and Book writing coach

Sandra is a visionary, forward leader and thought provoking author, coach and motivational/inspirational speaker. She is the owner and founder of Heard Empowerment LLC created to empower people in need of help, healing, relationship enrichment, personal development, restoration and much more! Sandra is also the co-founder of Akron Summit Scribes - You Are A Writer Faith Based Club.  


Sandra helps people become unstuck and empowers them through The Power of Forgiveness. In this seminal work, she shares her amazing transformation on how the power of forgiveness changed the course of her life and once toxic marriage.


She is an Educator of Undergraduate studies at two universities, a career Internal Auditor and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Masters of Business Administration with concentration in Accounting.

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