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Forgiveness | Healing | Letting Go

Setting Boundaries

Conflict Resolution

Personal & Professional Growth

Relationship & Personal Goals

Individual & Group Coaching

Pre-marital & Marital Coaching

Book writing Coaching

Money Management

Building a relationship with God

...and so much more!!!

Certified Coach | Author | Motivational Speaker

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Have you

Help, Empower, Aspire, Restore and Develop


you to move forward

Heard Empowerment

The First Steps Towards Healing Is Forgiveness


Identify there is a place that requires help.


Book your consultation/session


Healing, Transformation, Goal setting, & Prioritizing you begins


You get the desired outcome YOU need to move forward.

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the power of

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Bitterness | Brokeness | Hurt | Resentment

Anger | Disappointment | Confusion | Lack of motivation | Depression | Anxiety | Lost the sense of who I was

and every emotion that goes along with betrayal...

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The Power of Forgiveness

Entrepreneur, best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

Sandra Heard knows firsthand what happens when you hold unforgiveness in your heart. She provides wisdom, biblical principles, practical insights, and tips that will help you:

  • Understand what forgiveness is and what forgiveness is not.

  • How to let go of past hurt and pain.

  • Bring awareness and the connection between forgiveness and emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

She invites you to share in her God-inspired journey on how The Power of Forgiveness changed the very course of her life that unlocked the door to her healing and restoration to her once toxic marriage

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Certified Coach | Author | Motivational Speaker

Isaiah 61:1

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Setting the expectations

My blogs are about healing, growth, inspiration, the Word of God, and encouragement.



Real stories for real people

I invite you not only to be encouraged but to remain empowered through my personal experiences. 



Transparency and Authenticity

Helping you to see through different lenses. Be ready to be HEARD. healed, and set free.

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